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Department of Medicine (M.D), Ghom Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ghom, Iran


In the present study, in order to evaluate the benefits and side effects of two angiographic methods through radial and femoral arteries in angiographic patients, we applied SPSS software and statistical operations including Fisher Exact, Chi-square and Mann-Whitney tests. This case study was performed on patients of Shaheed Behesti Hospital in Qom in 2017. The results of the present study showed that the incidence of complications such as catheter pain, hematoma, swelling, bruising and duration of hospitalization in the femoral angiography group was more than the radial group. However, due to the fact that the duration of contact radiation and duration of fluoroscopy in the group of femoral angiography was less than radial, depending on the case and according to the patient and the existence of various risk factors in the patient, the decision should be made for femoral or radial angiography for the patient. On the other hand, if the duration of surgery extended and the amount of radiation received by the patient increases, femoral angiography is more important, and when complications such as hematoma and symptoms are present, radial angiography is used, which is different depending on the case.

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Case Study of Femoral and Radial Angiography in Cardiovascular Patients


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