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1 Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi University, Asadabad, 6541861841, I. R. Iran

2 Faculty of Chemistry, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, 6517838683, Iran


In this study, condensation reaction of the aldehydes with various ketones in the presence of sulfonic acid functionalized pyridinium chloride [pyridine–SO3H]Cl as an ionic liquid and catalyst were carried out to prepare the α,αʹ- bis(arylidene)cycloalkanone under the solvent free conditions. The purity and yield of the products were high and their identification was performed by the spectroscopic analysis and comparison of the physical information with known compounds in the previous literature.

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The Synthesis of α,αʹ-bis(arylidene)Cycloalkanones using Sulfonic Acid Functionalized Pyridinium Chloride


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