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1 School of Life Science, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad-City, Russian Federation

2 Associate Professor, Perm Pharmaceutical Academy, Professor, Dodoma University, Department of Physics, United Republic of Tanzania


An unusual work is that the galvanic cell described is non-standard and has irreversible electrodes. Non-standard are comparative electrodes too. Only 1 electrochemical cell Al | NaOH (it is polarizer, amperage-forming or polarizing agent). By measuring the amperage generated by this electrochemical cell, the dissolution rate of aluminum was investigated. Inhibition of aluminum dissolution was supposed to be achieved for the first time using the “Dorogov antiseptic stimulator of fraction No. 2” or ASD-2F, acceleration by the introduction of a depolarizer (it is depolarizing or amperage-absorbing agent) consisting of steel and copper cores protected from vortex flows caused by anything. The amperage and voltage characteristics “amperage on polarizer + depolarizer-\-voltage on depolarizer” were built. The fastest dissolution occurs when a larger voltage accounts for a larger voltage. A correlation was revealed "the ionic strength of the inhibitor at the N and O atoms of 2nd...5th groups of "organic-part" of ASD-2F IΣ2 ....5 \ amperage of a galvanic cell for 600 mV", and a correlation was revealed "donor and acceptor strength of molecules of 2nd - 5th groups of "organic-part" of ASD-2F HΣ2...5 \ amperage of a galvanic cell for 600 mV». It is very important that each line of each diagram is analyzed individually.

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Aluminum in Reaction with Sodium Hydroxide: Summary Action of a Depolarizer and an Inhibitor


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