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1 Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Hormozgan University of Medical Science, Bandar Abbas, Iran

2 MD, Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences, Bandar Abbas, Iran


Spinal cord injury is known as a kind of injury that causes inability. The investigation of the epidemiology of spinal cord injury and time in different regions might help to collect information for preventative measures of work. This study was conducted to investigate the epidemiology and radiologic findings of patients with traumatic spine injures among patients subjected to Emergency Department of Shahid Mohammadi Hospital of Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences. A retrospective descriptive-analytic method was adopted with an analysis of all the patients who were admitted by the diagnosis of traumatic spine injury in Shahid Mohammadi hospital. They all underwent a radiologic study. After receiving permission from the ethics committee, we extracted the data from patients’ files and carried out the analyses. Mean of age for subjects was 40.2 and 148 patients (71.50%) were men and 59 patients (28.50%) were women. The most trauma was associated with road accidents (n=124, 59.9%) and 83 cases (40.10%) were related to falling from height. Ten patients (4.80%) were dead due to trauma and 197 patients (95.20%) survived. Compress fracture (n=88, 42.50%), burst fracture (n=64, 32.40%), fracture dislocation (n=57, 27.50%) and transverse process fracture (n=43, 23.80%) accounted for all the cases. The most fracture was associated with L1 vertebrae (n=53, 15.9%), T12 (n=43, 13.40%), L2 (n=36, 11.20%) and C5 (n=16, 5%). The results for fracture in main parts showed that highest fractures were observed in cervical (n=69, 21.63%), thoracic (n=98, 30.72%) and lumbosacral (n=152, 47.64%). Our results showed that the most common causes of spinal injury in Bandar Abbas are accidents that must be reduced by observing traffic rules and guarantying transport safety. 

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Epidemiology and Radiologic Findings of Patients with Traumatic Spine Injures in Iran: Methodological and Epidemiological Study


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