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1 Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau University, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

2 Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau University, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

3 Master of Science in Natural Sciences, Docent Atyrau, University of Oil and Gas Named After Safi Utebayev, Аtyrau, Kazakhstan

4 Master of Natural Sciences, Atyrau University, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

5 Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Caspian University of Technology and Engineering Named After Sh. Esenova, Aktau, Kazakhstan

6 Senior Lecturer, Аtyrau, University of Oil and Gas Named After Safi Utebayev, Аtyrau, Kazakhstan


In the current study, we attempted to introduce a novel approach to stop the fire spread in all type of fires and improve the fire and explosion safety for LNG storage. In so doing, we relied on the application of innovative technology “Sogda”. The design of a screen "Sogda" consists of two parallel metallic grids stretched over metallic frames. Active special water spray nozzles located between two parallel fixed grids creates water film on the surface of grid and water vapor droplet-air medium in the space between two parallel grids. This complex process partially attenuates the radiant heat flow from 45 to 100 kW/m2 or more times, representing mainly in electromagnetic waves in an IR diapason, as a result of thermo-physical effects and it is optical phenomena that prevent the passage of explosive, toxic gases.

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A Novel Approach to Stop the Fire Spread, Hazardous Gases and Radionuclides


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