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Depatment of chemical Engineering, Dr. MGR Educational Research Institute University, Chennai-95, India



The work has to develop polypropylene (PP) mixed for the purpose of compatible into the Prosopis juliflora bark powder (PB), Wheat husk carbon powder (WC) and Banyan carbon powder (BBC) using renewable bio resources. PB, WC and BBC were used as filler. They are relatively inexpensive and abundantly available in nature. The waste management were collected the wasted. PB, WC and BBC have been incorporated with composites. The mechanical and thermal studies were carried out to evaluate the effect of filler content on PP. The above filler has been studied for the mechanical and thermal properties increase with an increase in the filler content at optimum level 3% by weight. The tensile property of treated composites shows a higher value than neat PP matrix. The properties has been analyzed the variation value depend upon the porosity of the carbon and mixing the polymer composites.

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Studies on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of PP with Natural Carbon Powder


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