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1 Department of Chemistry, FABS, BUITEMS, Quetta, Pakistan

2 State key laboratory of structural chemistry, FJIRSM, CAS, Beijing, PR China



The organosulfur compounds are an important class of compounds with extensive pharmaceutical and synthetic concern as well as a prominent role in the living system. The development of effective methods for the introduction of sulfur atom into the carbon framework remains an eternal challenge, as most of the accounted process needs tenacious conditions. Owing to its economical and eco-friendly nature, eosin Y has emerged as a promising alternate to the transition metal catalyst in numerous organic transformations comprising C-H functionalization.
The current work aims at a direct, efficient and single step synthetic route for the construction of thioethers, through oxidative coupling of the reaction partners facilitated by eosin Y as an organo photoredox catalyst.  The use of inexpensive and non-toxic dye, convenient reaction conditions, simple work-up procedure, and good to excellent yields are the advantages of this approach.

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Metal Free Synthesis of Organosulfur Compounds Employing Eosin Y as Photoredox Catalyst


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