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1 Department of Chemistry, Goverment Institute of Forensic Science, Civil Line, Nagpur 440001, India

2 Department of Chemisty, Pandav College of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur 440024, India


Facile and fast hydrothermal copolymer synthesis of aniline and sulphanilic acid was studied at the presence of ammonium persulphate as an oxidising agent for polymerisation reaction of 1:1 mole ratios of aniline to sulphanilic acid. Physiochemical properties of poly (An-co-SA) copolymer micro particles were scientifically analyse using numerous key techniques. The toxic metal ions spontaneous subtraction efficiency of the poly (An-co-SA) copolymer micro particles was optimized. Results recommended that, the properly controlling the polymerization under the hydrothermal method was a simple but helpful way to significantly improve the conductivity of the copolymers of aniline and sulphanilic acid monomer copolymerized. The poly (An-co-SA) copolymer micro particles could be very appropriate to exclusion and revitalization of metal ions which was toxic to environment from wastewater.

Graphical Abstract

Hydrothermal Synthesis of Poly (Aniline-co-Sulphanilic Acid) Copolymer with Highly Improved Electrical Conductivity and Ion Exchange Properties


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