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Department of Applied Mathematics, Semnan University, 35131-19111, Semnan, Iran


Mathematical chemistry is a branch of theoretical chemistry that studies molecular structure without considering their quantum mechanics using mathematical methods. Carbon nanotubes are a particular type of fullerenes. In this article, K-Banhatti indices are obtained with the help of K-Banhatti polynomials for the molecular graph and the line graph of the TUC4C8(S) nanotube. Next, first, the (a, b)- Nirmala index is calculated for the molecular graph and line graph of TUC4C8(S) nanotube, and then using them, Y-index and some topological indices are computed.

Graphical Abstract

Analysis of K-Banhatti Polynomials and Calculation of Some Degree Based Indices Using (a, b)-Nirmala Index in Molecular Graph and Line Graph of TUC4C8(S) Nanotube


Main Subjects

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