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Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, University of Benghazi, Benghazi, Libya


The study of permeation of Aromatic compounds across parchment-supported membrane treated with Prussian blue is presented. The skin layer of the metal hexacyanoferrate membrane consists of a network structure could be selectively used with defined pore size in the nanometer range to permeate molecules with different size molecules. In order to demonstrate a possible sieving of molecules, we have investigated the permeation of a variety of aromatic compounds such as aniline (An), phenol (Ph), and naphthalene (Np). For these neutral compounds, a size-selective transport was found. Size lead to a separation factor α(An/Ph) of 1.5 and α(An/Np) of 4 respectively. Finally, it is demonstrated that purely inorganic membrane of Prussian Blue (PB) can be prepared upon adsorption of ferric ion and hexacyanoferrate on porous support.

Graphical Abstract

Selective Transport of Aromatic Compounds across Parchment Supported Prussian blue Membrane


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