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Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Golestan University, Gorgan, P.O.Box 155, Iran



Aromatic and aliphatic diamines are key components in polyamides, polyimides, polyurea and polyurethanes. To prepare high performance and well-featured materials, attempts are directed to synthesize novel diamine in which thermo-resistant, soluble and easy-process polymers are obtained. To improve the solubility and decrease the glass transition temperature, flexible bonds are necessary for the polymer-repeating unit. These bonds decrease the internal rotational energies. In this sense, by using the heterocyclic rings as well as introducing polar functional groups such as amide in the main synthetic polymer chain, convenient polarity and solubility of the polymers are reached. Till now, extensive investigations have been conducted to prepare the aromatic monomers with high solubility and processing capabilities. In the current study, our main aim is to prepare diamines with applications in thermo-resistant polymers such as polyamide, polyimide, polyurea, and polyurethanes.

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Synthesis and Characterization of New Diamine Based on Fluorine


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